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Hi, I’m Robbie, age 8 (nearly 9). I’ve been in Stage Academy for 3 years. I joined because my sister had such a good time at the All Ireland Variety Show in Mayo in 2015. My first stage appearance was in our Christmas show. I remember my line so well……….”Men have rights too!”
I love Stage Academy because they give you lots of opportunities to do drama, singing and dancing. My favourite is singing.

I have been attending Stage Academy Newbridge since the tender age of 6. For the last 10 years, I have grown as a performer alongside the stage school. I feel a great sense of belonging at Stage Academy, we have truly become our own little family and that is what I love about attending classes. Everyone is free from judgement and can truly express their gifts for performing at Stage Academy, a chance many talented people do not get. The classes are fun and are constantly evolving and improving. One of the best things about Stage Academy is the opportunities it has offered me over the last 10 years. I have performed in most of the major theatres in Ireland, became an All - Ireland champion (twice!!) , attended classes and workshops with some of the most skilled people in the industry and got the chance to continue on in my ballet with classes run by the very talented Niamh Conlan , to name but a few! The most amazing opportunity I have ever received was becoming a member of the national team to represent Ireland at WCOPA in LA. The opportunity itself was more than enough but to go on and become a world champion is something I will never forget. Stage Academy has become a huge part of my life and helped me discover what my talents are. Not only that, it helped immensely with basic skills like  that are important for everyday life. My confidence and happiness in myself has grown from strength to strength all thanks to Stage Academy.
My name is Lucy and I am 7 years old. I joined Stage Academy when I was four and it is my favourite pastime. At first I didn't know anyone in my group but I, very  quickly, made very good friends there. I was very shy in the beginning but I'm not anymore.
We do drama and games with Paula which is just so much fun. I've learned how to project my voice and not to be afraid to stand up in front of a crowd. I even did my first Speech and Drama exam last summer and I got a distinction. We do dancing with Brenda and I have learned how to move and sing along to the music. At the weekend I do ballet and lyrical dance with Niamh.
We get so many chances to stand on stage that I'm not as nervous anymore. At the end of the year we put on a show for our family which is so much fun and we get to wear some really cool costumes. However, my favourite time of the year is when some of us get to preform at the All Ireland Championships. We have to practise really hard but it's worth it to get the chance to be involved and to show off what we have learned.
I am very happy and proud to be a member of the Stage Academy family now and for many more years to come. I love to wear my Stage Academy hoody especially when we get to march in the St Patrick's Day parade.
SA all the way!!!!
My name is Jamie Delmer & I'm 8 1/2 years old & joined Stage Academy when I was 4. I look forward to class each week as I get a chance to have fun with friends I've made there. I attend dance, drama & singing lessons & and have gone to many auditions & performed in a variety of shows & am currently involved in a production of 'Oliver'  & Stage Academy has helped me feel  comfortable to perform in front of an audience.  Stage Academy is a welcoming, fun place with excellent teachers & I have completed exams with great success. I love Stage Academy as it's the highlight of my week !!

My name is Ciara Taheny and I have been a member of Stage Academy for 10 years now and I have enjoyed every single moment of it. It's a place where you can go and express yourself in different ways. For me, I feel it's a safe environment where I am able to express myself without feeling judged. It has also really helped me with my communication skills and my self-confidence and taught me that you'll never know what you're capable of if you never try! Being a member of Stage Academy has led me to amazing opportunities and experiences. One of the biggest achievements which I have experienced in my life so far was with my Stage Academy family when 12 of us were picked to represent Ireland in the World Championships of Performing Arts in America! Not only was that an amazing experience but we also managed to return to Ireland as world champions! It is an experience I will never forget and one I will be forever grateful for!

Our daughter has been a member of stage academy for the past year and she really enjoys it. It is a great place to meet new friends and helps to give great confidence to the kids. She has great fun and cant wait for the new term to start. They also help prepare them to take speech and drama exams which she did very well in and was delighted with her result. I would highly recommend stage academy newbridge for a fun, safe enviroment for kids and great value for money. The staff are very kind and helpful to all the children. Looking forward to the new term.
Deirdre and Micheal Nolan
For anyone looking for, not just an after school activity for your child/children but a Drama & Dance class with the X Factor!
Our three daughters (ages 14, 12 & 8yrs) have attanded Stage Academy for the past year & have been attending their Kidzone Summer camp for three years, and I can honestly say, after many different activities that they have been involved in, this class has to be the most outstanding. On both a personal & professional level, my girls have excelled with the support & encouragement of Paula, Brenda & their team.

In the current climate, it's difficult to find an activity that ticks every box, but if you're looking for an environment that stimulates, encourages & supports your child as an individual while including that important element of fun.....Stage Academy should be on your list as one that can meet most family incomes.

Myself & my husband would highly recommend Stage Academy 

 - Anita & Ken Kinsella
My daughter Eimear has attended Stage Academy for the last four years. The enthusiasm and fervor she has for her drama class with Paula and dance class with Brenda has never waned. She dons her black Stage Academy hoodie every Thursday with glee and when she returns she is full of new steps and lines for an upcoming show. After each performance in the Riverbank Theatre  I have seen Eimear grow in confidence and maturity. In addition to these wonderful and superb shows  Stage Academy has prepared Eimear for The Speech and Drama Exams in which she has attained first class honours
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